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High-End Finishes to Improve Your Resale Value

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Feb 24 8 minutes read

The real estate market can be unpredictable, but one thing is certain: homes with high-end finishes tend to sell for more than those without. If you're looking to increase the resale value of your home, investing in high-end finishes is a smart choice. From elegant kitchen countertops to beautiful bathroom fixtures and high-quality flooring, the right finishes can transform your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. In this article, we'll discuss some of the most popular and effective high-end finishes to improve your resale value and give you tips on how to choose the best ones for your home and your budget.

Perfect kitchen finishes

When it comes to the kitchen, high-end finishes can significantly increase the resale value of your home. After all, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. Therefore, it is not surprising buyers are willing to pay more for a kitchen with high-end finishes that make a statement.

Change of countertops, cabinets, and appliances

First, let's discuss the bread and butter of the kitchen - its countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Quartz, granite, and marble are popular materials that add value to your home. These materials are durable, long-lasting, and have a timeless appearance which makes them perfect for your countertops. For cabinets, custom-made cabinetry is an excellent investment that can add significant value to your home. Look for reputable brands and a look that is timeless yet luxurious. Furthermore, most people forget that high-end appliances can also add value. Luckily, there are plenty of options that will add a sense of luxury and value to your home.

Things to consider

It's essential to consider your budget and the local market when selecting high-end finishes for your kitchen. Do your research and look at similar homes in your area to see what finishes they have. This can give you a better idea of what buyers in your area are looking for. And don't overspend, as you may be unable to recoup the costs when you sell. Conversely, don't skimp on the finishes, as buyers will notice and may be less likely to make an offer.

Additionally, some finishes are better left to the pros when it comes to installation. For example, installing new countertops or custom cabinetry requires experience and expertise. Hire licensed, insured professionals with good reviews to ensure your investment is installed correctly. The same goes for choosing between moving yourself vs. hiring movers - it's always better left to the pros to ensure everything goes smoothly. And by making wise choices and hiring the right professional contractors, you can ensure that your kitchen is an asset when it comes time to sell.

Updated bathroom finishes

When it comes to high-end finishes to improve your resale value, don't overlook the importance of a well-appointed bathroom. Updating your bathroom with high-end finishes can be an effective way to add value to your home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Fixtures that add value

Bathroom fixtures are small details that can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

• First on the list of fixtures that are sure to add value are faucets. When it comes to them, there are plenty of different brands offering a variety of styles and finishes, from polished chrome to brushed nickel and even matte black. However, while a unique faucet can make your bathroom stand out, it's important to choose a finish that will complement your overall bathroom design.

• One thing that many people may appreciate in a bathroom is the showerhead. But a high-end showerhead can truly transform your shower experience from mundane to luxurious.

• Lastly, while it may not seem like a glamorous choice, a high-end toilet can add both comfort and value to your home. There are different toilets with features like heated seats, self-cleaning technology, and even nightlights. Doesn't that sound divine?

Adding style with different tiles

One of the most popular high-end tile options for the bathroom is marble, known for its timeless elegance and durability. Furthermore, marble tile is available in a range of colors and finishes. Other high-end tile options to consider include porcelain, glass, and ceramic. These come at different prices with different levels of maintenance needed. And although some may be pretty easy to do yourself, others may not be. Therefore, we suggest contacting reliable contractors to take full advantage of your renovation project.

When selecting tiles for your bathroom, it's still important to consider your budget. For instance, one way to lower your spending is by incorporating high-end tile in a smaller area, such as a luxurious backsplash. This can create a focal point in your bathroom without requiring a large amount of tile.

High-end flooring for all

Flooring is an essential element of any home renovation project. Consider materials like hardwood, stone, and tile when selecting high-end flooring options. Firstly, hardwood flooring is a classic and durable option that can add warmth and elegance to any room. On the other hand, stone floorings, like marble or granite, are also a great option that can elevate the look and feel of your home. Lastly, tile flooring, whether ceramic or porcelain, offers a wide range of style options and is excellent for areas with heavy traffic. And remember, high-end materials like hardwood and stone may come with a higher price tag, but they can add value to your home and make it more appealing to buyers. Of course, other more affordable options, such as luxury vinyl and laminate, can still give your home a high-end look.

Professionals advise taking full advantage of the storage options available during your renovation since this can help make it less of a hassle and mess. After all, when changing your flooring, it is best to keep everything off of the floor to achieve the best look possible with less work.

Lighting fixtures to add elegance

When it comes to high-end finishes to improve your resale value, upgrading your lighting fixtures is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so. Chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, and even table lamps can be used for such a task. Remember to consider the exact finish of these fixtures. These need to complement your home's style and not take away from it. For example, consider polished brass for a vintage-inspired look or matte black for a modern and chic feel. Adding smart lighting systems and dimmers can also be a great addition. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also allow you to customize the lighting in your home with ease. Once you're done, it is time to check your property's value and see how much it has improved by even just changing some lights.


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