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How to Spot a Real Luxury Home

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Feb 3 7 minutes read

To find a perfect luxury home for your family, you need to know what to look out for. There are a lot of homes on the market that just advertise as such rather than being legit. As such, it’s helpful to have tips on how to spot a real luxury home.

Quality materials used in the build

The first way to spot a real luxury home is by the materials used in its construction. Real luxury homes are built with some of the best materials: marble, expensive and quality wood, tiles, and sometimes even precious metals such as silver or gold. If the house looks luxurious but is made of inferior materials, it is only an imitation of a luxury home. That is often done just to boost its price sky high, and it won’t afford you the quality experience you want. That means that a home built without proper materials will be expensive. But there are ways to afford a luxury home even when the prices are high! And it is a much better option to spend the money on quality rather than pay for something that looks good only superficially.

Few to no real issues

The following way to spot a luxury home is by its condition. Luxury homes will never come with real problems attached! You are, after all, paying for quality and luxury. If you need to worry about that roof leaking the first time it rains, then you’re not looking at a property that qualifies. That isn’t to say that you should discard every property with minor problems. Sometimes, even a luxury property will need renovations to regain its true glory. But there is a serious difference between needing a fresh layer of paint and buying a home that’s starting to fall apart at the seams. As such, we strongly recommend you get a professional home inspection done before you even really commit to looking at a property. That will eliminate a lot of homes that are just cluttering the luxury home market.

The floor plan of the property

A real luxury home sets itself apart with its grand floor plan. Nowadays, this typically means a more open floor plan that provides you with all the space you can possibly need. After all, while you can do a lot to alter a home to your liking, changing its floor plan is not easy or cheap. So, you want to ensure it’s one you are happy with and fits your vision of a luxury home.

The surrounding amenities

A surefire way to spot a luxury home is by the nearby amenities. A real luxury property comes with a whole host of neat little amenities very close to it. Things such as large and luxurious parks, tons of high-end stores, gyms, restaurants, and such are all numbered among the amenities that should be available to you. It is also not uncommon for luxury homes to be near the many quality services required to support them. Such examples include cleaners, handyman services, and even things such as packing services and movers. These can be useful for more than just the moving day, too! After all, moving the master bedroom isn’t easy, and the best ways to do it efficiently is to just let the pros handle it. And this is just a single example of how having those services on hand is useful!

The people you will live near

One thing a lot of people forget about when they think about the term ‘luxury home’ is to account for their future neighbors. Most luxury homes have at least a decent yard and privacy fence. That lets you somewhat remove yourself from your neighbors. However, would you like to live next to someone that throws parties twenty-four seven? Even if you can’t see them directly, the noise and the general annoyance of bad neighbors bring down the value of properties around them. If you can’t enjoy your luxury home properly, it’s not one!

The location of the property

In addition to the surrounding amenities and the people, there is one other thing to consider about the neighborhood of a luxury home: its location of it. It is impossible to claim that a property is a luxury home if it is in a part of town no one would be happy to live in! A luxury home must also be conveniently away from the essential parts of a city. You need to be able to comfortably travel to work. Your kids need easy access to a high-quality school, too. And it is also essential to consider how easily you can get to a local hospital in case of need. These don’t need to number among local amenities, but you sure don’t want them too far from you!

The privacy and safety afforded to the property

We mentioned privacy before, but it is important enough to require its paragraph. There are two different aspects to this. First, there’s the privacy fence of your property and its distance from other homes in the neighborhood. Ideally, since this is a luxury home, you want a fence protecting your privacy and a decent distance from neighbors. That would also let you make the most of your landscaping ideas for your luxury property. The second part is the privacy protection and security afforded by the neighborhood. In this case, the luxury homes in gated communities are superior, and you might want to prioritize them.

The home’s history

The home's history is the final way to spot a real luxury home. There are two sides to this. First is the history of its previous owners. If a celebrity or someone famous has previously owned the property, it gives it real legitimacy as a luxury home. The second aspect is more tedious and comes down to the home’s remodeling and renovation history. You can spot fake luxury homes through this since they often require a lot of renovations to keep up appearances due to their inferior materials. If you want to get a real luxury home, its history must be spotless, too!

The right luxury home for you

Of course, even with our tips on how to spot a real luxury home, finding one that’s perfect for you comes down to your preferences. Some of the things we discussed, such as amenities and the floor plan, are up to you to gauge.

Meta Description: Learn how to spot a real luxury home to find the best property possible for your family with no downsides!

Article via Tanya Douglas with East Coast Haul. Image via Pinterest

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