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Young Couple Moves From Arizona

Moving from Arizona, Ogi and Jennifer were referred to Mary Ellen Vanaken by a real estate agent in their local area. The young couple had been renting for a period of time and were fearful they would not find a new home in time for their move to the North Atlanta, Georgia area. 

Read Ogi and Jennifer's story and their experience with The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team.



How A Beautiful Townhome Really Calmed A Happy Couple's Fears

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Jul 28 4 minutes read

The Buyers - Their Desires & Fears

Ogi and Jennifer, a young married couple, was moving from Arizona to the North Atlanta, Georgia area for work. Ogi's career is in commercial real estate while  Jennifer works with children in community centers. 

Their desire was to find a single family home that would be close to their work, convenient to area attractions while also being a possible fixer upper. Their greatest fear was that they would be moving to the area and would not find the perfect home in time.  Due to the current housing market being so tight, their home style ended up changing and they found the perfect home that met their needs.

With so many decisions to make during the home buying process, it's easy to get overwhelmed and just settle on the first decent house you see. But don't worry! We're here with some hard-earned advice from our experts who can help you decide what trade-offs are worth making when searching for your next home. Check out this blog for more details

The Trade-Offs You Should & Shouldn’t Make When Searching for Your Next Home. 

Why The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team?

Ogi and Jennifer met with two other North Atlanta real estate agents before being referred to Mary Ellen Vanaken by an agent friend of theirs from Arizona. They were so happy for the referral and how Mary Ellen guided them through the home buying process and the result of purchasing the perfect home. 

Beginning your home search can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Because of that, Mary Ellen makes sure that her buyers understand each of the 8 steps that she takes to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end of a buyers search, with Mary Ellen's support and guidance, they will live happily ever after in their new, dream home.

Thinking Outside The Box

The Atlanta real estate market, like many others, is experiencing multiple offers and tough competition on houses recently listed. This can become very stressful to buyers like Ogi and Jennifer. After viewing multiple properties of houses and experiencing the competion, Mary Ellen knew she needed to get a little creative and literally “think outside the box” to come up with options. A townhouse was the answer!

What is a townhouse? A townhouse means ownership. Townhouse owners typically own the land on which the house is situated, including the front and backyard spaces that goes with the residence.

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