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7 Mistakes to Avoid with Bathroom Remodeling

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

May 4 7 minutes read

Spring is here, and now is the ideal time to spruce up your home. You can start by doing some spring cleaning and continue with some remodeling around the house. And if you are considering remodeling one of your home's essential rooms, beginning with the bathroom is a good idea. However, besides being important, bathrooms are also complex. You need to pay attention to the flooring, layout, lighting, plumbing, and so on. Therefore, to give you a hand, we made a list of mistakes to avoid with bathroom remodeling. So be sure to read our article to learn the dos and don'ts of bathroom renovation.

1. Underestimating finances

If you have a tiny bathroom, you might believe that remodeling will not cost too much. However, if you start putting all the materials and fixtures involved on the paper and draw the line, you might be in for a surprise. Sure, you can find everything you need for a redesign at a variety of prices and quality levels, but you want the best for your bathroom. Right? And even if you are planning to update your bathroom on a budget, you still need to invest in some paint or wallpaper, mats, tiles, or decorative items. 

As a result, make sure you know in advance exactly how much everything will cost and that you have a little extra put aside too. It is usually a good idea to be ready for any unforeseen costs. It will allow you to complete the makeover in one go, rather than starting and stopping and starting again as fresh funds become available.

2. Improvising

There isn’t a remodeling project that will work with improvising. At least not when you aren’t a professional. There are so many unexpected things that can happen that can make your efforts worthless. Therefore, after you have your finances straight, you should make a renovation plan. You should know, for instance, whether you will need to change the toilet before you start pulling it out. If you take it out too soon, you might discover that the new one doesn’t fit into the new design. Or that it is unfit for the space you have. As a result, write down all the changes you want to make, all the measurements, the supplies you will need, and so on. You can even sketch how you would like the bathroom to look to see how everything will fit in. This way, you will avoid some of the mistakes of bathroom remodeling. 

3. Using unsuitable materials

And when we say unsuitable materials, we do not just mean cheap ones. We also refer to materials that are not suitable for bathrooms. Bathrooms, as you know, are spaces with a lot of moisture, frequent temperature changes, and a significant risk of mold growth. Therefore, when renovating your bathroom, use only materials designed especially for this type of environment. The process can be simple and more convenient if you do it right from the beginning, instead of remodeling every once in a while. Having the proper paint or wallpaper, tiles, fixtures, and plumbing from the start will, in reality, save you money in the long run.

4. Refusing professional help

Bathroom renovations can often be more complex than adding a fresh coat of paint or changing tiles. There might be changes that you need to make to the plumbing or electrical system. And because safety should always come first, calling a professional is the best choice. If you, for example, get the plumbing wrong, you might have leaks that you are unaware of until it’s too late. Not to mention how dangerous it can be for you and your home if you do something wrong with electrical circuits. As a result, make sure that essential tasks are done correctly by seeking professional help.

5. Doing half a job 

As excited as you may be at the beginning of a renovation project, you might lose interest after a while. Moreover, if you are doing the renovation in your free time after work or during the weekends, you might even burn out. As a result, start the project only when you know you can commit to it from beginning to end. Otherwise, you might end up with a bathroom that is in the process of renovation for months or even years. Of course, this also depends on a well-made budget and project plan. After all, each step of the project is dependent on the previous one, and so everything is linked. So, when you decide to begin remodeling, take some time off or schedule your time so that you are not overwhelmed.

6. Forgetting about ventilation

As previously mentioned, bathrooms are very humid spaces, so proper ventilation is required. Without it, the humidity leads to mold and mildew, which wreak havoc on paint, grout, and metals. Unfortunately, some people neglect the significance of ventilation or are unsure how to calculate the quantity of ventilation necessary for the bathroom area. Also, most people forget to clean their existing or new ventilation fan after a renovation. Construction debris and dust might clog the fan, causing it to malfunction. Therefore, try to pay close attention to your bathroom’s ventilation needs and clean everything effectively after you finish renovating.

7. Neglecting the importance of design

No one says that bathrooms have to be just functional and not pretty. In reality, bathrooms should be a place where you feel comfortable and not weird. As a result, try to make your bathroom look pleasant and make it match the rest of your house. Don’t use many types of materials, but try to stick to a maximum of two. Change the toilet seat to fit in with the decor and match all the fixtures, including the lighting ones. Also, try to paint the walls in light and neutral colors that match the furnishings. If you want to use wallpaper, choose something that isn’t too loaded with details or textures. This way, you will be able to create a calming and relaxing spa-like environment in your bathroom that will allow you to enjoy every moment spent there.

Knowing how to avoid mistakes during bathroom remodeling is not that hard, as you can see. You just need to be well organized, plan everything ahead, and stick to the plan. And when you can’t figure out how to do one thing or the other, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. 

Metadata Description: If it’s the first time you’re planning a bathroom remodeling, here you will find the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

Image via Pinterest. Article via Tanya Douglas with East Coast Haul.  

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