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5 Tips to Designing Your Dream Home Office

Andrea Drake
Jun 30 2 minutes read

1) Get Inspired & Plan

Brainstorm ideas from Pinterest  or blogs  to see what’s in style and what matches your brand and put together your perfect design. Make sure to create a floor plan to keep things organized.

2) Pick The Perfect Location

The location of your home office is key. You’ll want to find the right space in your home where you will be able to be the most productive.

3) Give Yourself a View

Whether it’s a beautiful picture you love hanging above your desk, or a designated window looking out to something you love- make sure to give yourself something to look at and something to inspire you.

4) Invest in a Great Chair

We can all agree the chair you work from can make a huge difference, so make sure to purchase a chair you love-‘ it will be well worth it.

5) Create Storage & Shelving

Many people forget to incorporate storage in their home office which can severely effect your productivity. Shelving and storage can be very inexpensive and can make a massive difference in your home office.

If your home doesn’t have the space for a home office & you’re looking to enhance your work from home experience, our team is here to help you the perfect new home to meet your needs!

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