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4 Ways You Can Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Apr 8 4 minutes read

As a seller, you want your home sold as quickly as possible and for the most substantial profit. To stand out from your competitors in the marketplace, you must invest time and effort to increase your home’s desirability among potential buyers. Learn how to prep your home by doing research, decluttering, staging, and personalizing with the following tips.

Do Your Research

A little research can tell you a lot about your competition. When you begin looking at other homes in your neighborhood, make note of the location, features, square footage, amenities, and curb appeal, and then ask yourself how your home stacks up against them. Visit a few open houses or virtual tours to see how they’ve been prepared and whether you would pay the asking price if you were a real buyer. It’s the best way to get a buyer’s perspective as you prepare your own home to sell.  

Declutter Your House

Over the years, people amass many items for many reasons: emotional attachment, intention to reuse or recycle, keeping for others, etc. Over time, you may find yourself with more and more things, some of which haven’t been used for a long time. Go through the house with a steel heart and remove anything you haven’t used in one year or more.


While you’re paring down, remove items that clutter counters or tables; store essential items in labeled boxes or cupboards. If you still need some items, consider renting a storage unit and keeping them there. Donate some things to local charities or host a yard sale to make some money off resellable items. Family Handyman notes several charities will even pick up your items. Some cities and trash collection companies have a pick-up service once or twice a month.

Depersonalize the House

Pack personal photographs, art, family heirlooms, toys, and other objects that have sentimental value but may distract a buyer. Present a warm but impersonal environment that allows a buyer to think about how their own things/tastes/preferences will fit into it.


Go room by room and remove any statement pieces that could possibly distract the buyer. For example, remove animal fur rugs or overly bright furniture and replace them with unobtrusive pieces. The goal is to allow a buyer to see your home as their potential home.

Stage the Home for Open House and Photography

Visit several open houses and see how those sellers handled the depersonalizing and staging process, as this can help you make some smart decisions. Staging is strategic for a seller, and should be approached from the standpoint of making the house look like a clean slate.


The most important aspect of staging is improving curb appeal. This step is as easy as getting professional cleaning services before your open house — just keep in mind that, as notes, the average rate for a house cleaner is based on location and size of the project. Clean windows, power-wash walkways or driveways, trim greenery, plant flowers, and install potted plants and some outdoor furniture. Inside, rent understated furniture and include a few extras like fresh flowers and fresh towels in the bathrooms.

Once you’ve spruced up your house and put it on the market, you can choose to keep living in it or move to your new home. If you keep living there, take care to maintain buyer-readiness.

Buyers can call to drop in at any time, so have closets and cupboards where you can throw things you’re still using and bring out your buyer knickknacks.

The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team strives to help people achieve their homeowners goals. For professional and trustworthy assistance in buying or selling your home, contact us today.

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