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12 Tips to Sell your Home ASAP

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Aug 5 3 minutes read

Check out this list of 12 tips that will help sell your home ASAP!

  1. Don’t take the time or spend the money on redoing your cabinets. Instead take the time to install new hardware on kitchen cabinets and drawers. 
  2. Pressure wash your driveway and decks. Its hard work, but it’ll show! Potential buyers will recognize the time you took to take care of your property and that could go a long way!
  3. In line with #1, change the knobs in your bathroom. It’s a quick and easy update that can really catch a buyer’s eyes. 
  4. Make sure your yard is looking green and friendly. Plant fresh grass, spread mulch, and throw a beautiful flower by the door!
  5. If your mailbox is looking a little sad, then replace it! Get creative! Make it a showstopper for a buyer before they even see the rest of your home. 
  6. Scent is a really important part of where you live. Even though you might not smell it, your home has a certain odor and it is important that the smell is inviting and not deterring to buyers. I love my pups as much as any girl but make sure they don’t fill your home with an unwanted odor that others won’t like. Plug in air fresheners in every room and try to limit where the animals are going to reduce hair and odor. 
  7. Don’t let clutter creep in! Do a big clean before you put your home on the market and keep it clean! Potential buyers need to imagine themselves in the space, not see your bills stacked up on the counter and what you made for lunch. 
  8. It can be hard to see what your home is going to sell for. The sad fact is that market conditions change and there is a chance your home isn’t worth what you were hoping for. Don’t keep a high price out of pride. It is better to lower your price and instigate a bidding war than to hold a price that doesn’t get you any action.
  9. Enter a room with fresh eyes. What do you see? Lighting is one of the first things you notice whether its conscious or not, so replace light bulbs to a higher wattage in order to brighten up dark rooms.
  10. Pull your furniture off the walls to make the space look bigger! 
  11. Stage your kitchen table with flowers and placemats to make the house feel like a home.
  12. Clean your oven and stove! Kitchens are the center of a home, and they are sure to take a careful look at the kitchen if they are really considering your home. Take the time to make it organized, clean, and appealing! After all it is probably the most used room in the house!

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