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11 New Decor Trends For 2021

Mary Ellen Vanaken

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Mary Ellen was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After graduating from college, she worked on Wall Street for JP Morgan in New York City...

Feb 5 4 minutes read

Multipurpose Spaces

We all made our living spaces work for us last year, and many of our rooms served multiple purposes. We added workspaces to our living rooms, classrooms into our kitchens, and gyms to our bedrooms. This year, people will be finding ways to reimagine their homes and incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multi-functional spaces.” — Etsy's Dayna Isom Johnson

Earthy Palettes and Textures

“We'll see lots of earthy palettes and textures in 2021. Think the continuation of plaster and travertines, lots of rattan, camels in lieu of gray, and deep, neutralized hues like olive green and burnt orange.” – Gillian Segal

Old-World Influences

“I believe design should be timeless! So what is 'in' is that old-world aesthetic that never gets old. Darker, moodier rooms, old oil paintings mixed with a modern light fixture to the tune of not being able to place what era the room is from — that's how to achieve timeless-ness; mix and match eras!” — Joyce Downing Pickens

Plaid Fabrics

“As people continue to stay at home, plaid and printed fabrics from the last century evoke a sense of comfort and happier times.” — Mark Lavender


“Millennials may have named the color, but for this designer, blush tones are now considered a neutral. I expect to see more of this in 2021 in spaces that used to be reserved for white paint only.” — Lori Paranjape

Diamond Patterned Flooring

“All of a sudden, I am seeing large-scale diamond patterned flooring. My favorite (and seemingly most popular version) is when the diamonds are painted onto wood flooring. I know it sounds a little wild, but it feels rustic yet refined and is still in the vein of the eclectic English granny trend (as we like to call it) that exploded this year. I personally love it when the diamonds are blue or white, which, if you know me, is no shock at all.” — Emily Henderson

Knotted Light Fixtures

“We’ve always believed a statement light fixture can tie any space together, and one trend we’ve loved lately is light fixtures using braided and knotted textiles. We designed a whole space around a handblown glass light from Longhouse with knotted rope by artist Windy Chien. They are the perfect addition to a neutral space, because they offer plenty of natural, organic texture and visual interest while staying within a neutral palette. They offer a hint of coastal aesthetic — which many of our clients are asking for—without feeling overly nautical.” — Andrea Goldman

Indoor Plants

“Indoor trees and plants are going to continue their ascent into home design mainstay. They freshen indoor air, bring the clarity and calm of nature indoors, act like sculpture on a shelf or table top, and caring for them is grounding and life affirming. Developing a collection of interior plants wins on all levels: Aesthetic, functional and mental.” — Emilie Munroe

Livable Luxury

“I think 2021 is going to be all about livable luxury, and versatility in design. So many people have had to transition over the past year, that they are rethinking less-used spaces and embracing furniture concepts that play double duty. Next year will be all about durable fabrics, comfortable upholstery, and furniture pieces that are versatile and chic.” — Kate Lester

Dark Hues

“Dark is where it is at! My color for 2021 is Benjamin Moore Century Darjeeling. I recently had the opportunity to use this expressive color in a guest bedroom for a private residence in Princeton, New Jersey. This color did not disappoint, being the perfect backdrop for the headboard and artwork. It takes your breath away.” — Gail Davis

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